Tres veladas. Three veiled.

Joyas de papel. El papel como segunda piel o vestimenta.
Material translúcido que vela y a la vez insinúa.
Velo, velar, velado.
Chador, maghnaé, borghé, burka, nikab, serual.
Celosía, celo, recelo.
Decorativo, ornamento, objeto (frente a sujeto).
Mujer velada y cubierta por lo ornamental. Su ojo la une con el exterior. Un ojo, el cual recibe y transmite, comunica como el oro.
Un hilo hacia lo ajeno.
Paper jewels. The paper as a second skin, as clothes.
Translucent material that veil and insinuate at the same time.
Veil, to veil, veiled.
Lattice, jealousy, distrust.
Decorative, ornament, object (opposite to subject).
Veiled woman and covered by the ornamental. Her eye connect her with the outside. One eye, which receive and communicate as the gold.
A thread towards the others.


Eva said...

Nice to find your blog. Great work! The detail of the gold thread is very intriguing.

Elvira H. Mateu said...

The gold thread represent the veiled woman´s eye. The only thing that communicate them with the world.
Thanks so much Eva for your interest!